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Why your Inner-Geek wants you to be a Social Butterfly on Tagvillage « Netbiz Global Site

Why your Inner-Geek wants you to be a Social Butterfly on Tagvillage

Why your Inner-Geek wants you to be a Social Butterfly on Tagvillage.

After a rather lengthy conversation with Tagvillage CEO, David Ruebush, this morning, it has become quite clear that the more I begin to understand Tagvillage, the more I realize I don’t know very much about it.

I was quite excited along with a few others to be given “face time” with David to start with, but then to find out he wanted to take us on a “behind the scenes tour” of the new server about to launch for Tag Trading, I got almost giddy.

As the webinar started, I kept waiting and waiting and waiting for him to grt onto the “good stuff” and show us all the new bells and whistles and gadgets and gizmos I had heard were coming….but he kept talking.  My head was swimming with ideas of what we might see, and things he might show us, and… oooh, I wondered if he would answer the question about the “sort” and “list” feature of our purchased tags…but he kept talking, mostly going on about the Referral Platform.  Ok, I get it, we refer people and we get some tag commission sales when their tags sell…yes, I understand.  What?  Ok, this new system is better?  Nice, your geeks in the back room must be quite proud….  Ok, less dropped referrals?  So you’re starting to get my interest, but I want to see the good stuff….

But the more I listened, the more I started seeing why he was spending so much time on this.  He began describing how all this tied together with the old system, and why this new system really didn’t compare at all to the old way.

Then it clicked.

He wasn’t talking about just referrals.  Yes, that is the “front-side feature” of this, but what he was describing was so much more.  He was talking about integration – but not just integration across one or two platforms, but across the Globe.   What?  I better start listening now…

It seems that there is a reason David spends so much time talking about his incredible programming staff and his amazing developers.  Aside from their obvious skill set and reading of their individual resumes is like a “who’s who” of the creation, implementation and system roll out of the very internet and most of the operating systems running the net today, these guys are truly “world class”.  And not in the superficial way – these guys are doing what only they can do.  There is literally only a handful of developers in the world that know how to do what they do.  Conveniently, many of them are working on the Tagvillage project.

To give a brief layman’s insight into this, and explain why this means so much to us as Tagvillagers, let me begin by talking about the “Facebook Platform”

This is not “the platform” that Facebook users are used to chatting and sharing on, this is a unique set of programs, API’s, hosts and integration software known as the “Facebook Platfom” or “Facebook Connect”.   For you mega-geeks – click the words to find out more about these concepts.  For you non-geeks, this is basically the “theatrical stage” that software developers come to to launch their applications and integrate them with Facebook data.  As things have grown over the past several years, no longer is this just about Facebook user data, but about ALL data that all these developers gather and openly share on this “stage”.

To give an example of what this means, consider that you are a sculptor and you want to create something of clay, stone or wood.  The first thing you would do is clear a space, and place your tools and raw materials in front of you.  At this point, you would likely get some sort of turn table, or other device to hold your work steady and help you rotate your work about as you were sculpting it.

This is the Facebook Platform.

This cleared out, rotating space for you to create your sculpture on, is the work area, tool gathering area, point of inspiration, and ultimately “birth center” of your creation.  The Facebook Platform is just like this.  It is a place that developers can create a new application, have tools and resources and most importantly can leave it available on display for others to use and draw more tools and data from to create new programs.  Anyone that “ties into” this Platform, agrees to certain amounts of data sharing and open usage of statistical data, made freely available to other developers for their programs usages too.

In other words, this is a place that major software developers come to share info and statistics.  It is from this single point that they can pass any of the users’ data, their surfing histories, many of their shared demographics and social habits, etc.

About this time, several “privacy issues” flags are going off on some people’s radar screens.  I am here to tell you if privacy is a concern, then you need to stay off the internet.  There is no such thing as privacy on the internet.  This has been known for a number of years, but if you are afraid that someone might see something you post, or something you do, then worry no more.  I am here to tell you that not only CAN they see what you are doing but they DO see what you are doing.  Nothing on the internet is private.

So what does this mean for us as tag traders and active Tagvillagers?

I’m glad you asked.

One of the first parts of the migration to the new server will be to connect the Tagvillager users into the Platform.  This will be done through a button in your back office.  Any one that is familiar with Secure Socket Layers (SSL ) and WEP encryption on wireless routers, or any other “Shared Key” technology, will find this familiar.  Basically, it will generate a unique Referral ID for each person.  That ID will then be passed out to the Platform.  This in part is what will allow us to integrate our information with Facebook and cross-share wall posts and other profile information.  Every time we go to YouTube and other places, we see all the “Tweet” buttons and “Share” buttons.  This lets us share that application with our Facebook and Twitter friends.  Likewise, this same technology will revolutionize things for us on Tagvillage.

The genius being shown in the Tagvillage development team is they have taken the Facebook Platform to the next level, and not only implemented this technology with Tagvillage, but have created a system that allows that ID to be “followed” by other ID’s (can you say “T-Factor”?)  This means anytime you “tweet”, “post” or “share” something out there on the net that points back to YOUR ID, those people following that link will automatically become your referral.  Before getting too excited, even though the technology is there, it isn’t 100% implemented yet, but will be coming soon and will continue to roll out as the rest of the Tagvillage platform rolls out.

At this point, your inner-geek should be about filled up, and brimming over the top with “geeky goodness”.  However, it is time to put him (or her) away for a while, and confine them to the dark recesses of your mind and let them “slide-rule” their geeky little hearts out in contemplation of what all this means.

In the mean time, we will discuss what this has to do with being a Social Butterfly?

Quite simply put, EVERTYHING!  As mentioned before, since your ID is what ties your actions to you, anytime you do things on the net that trigger a “follower”, the Platform will make note of that follower, integrate them into the system, and bind them to your referral ID.  This means any time they read a post or email, or view a video and then look to see what you are doing and learn more information, they will become your referral.  The more things that are on the web for people to see and more followers to attach themselves to your ID, the more referrals you will generate without even knowing you are referring someone.

In the end, the underlying principle is the more social you are, the bigger effect this will have on your “network”.  This will have even a bigger impact than direct advertising and traditional marketing techniques.  This will bring the concept of “networking” to new meaning.

This will bring about so many new ways of “passive” advertising.  It will really change the techniques many people have employed with “Web 2.0” and SEO practices.  When any Tagvillager puts anything out on the web, even though it may not be a link to a referral page, if it causes a “follower” to come into the Tagvillage site, then at that point, the “follower” will be tagged as referral of the person who’s link they followed.  This now means any social activity that you do that creates others to come to Tagvillage will now be seen as a marketing opportunity.  In time, this will mean any links that point into the Tagvillage Social platform will be the greatest form of marketing.

No longer will you need to “sell” someone on the idea of becoming a “referral”.  Even if they just enter Tagvillage and begin using it for its social context, whatever method drew that person to Tagvillage, the Platform and Tagvillage software have the ability to track what links that person followed, and it will add that person as a referral automatically, Since all of that “follower’s” social activity on Tagvillage will be something that will earn you passive commission, it doesn’t take long to see the more “updates” and “posts” and wall comments that you can leave scattered around the web, that will generate social response, the better it will be for you in the long run.  In short, being a social butterfly brings home the bacon and makes your inner-geek very happy.

So after seeing what David was explaining, and how important this whole new platform really is, I began to get really excited in what he was telling us.  It was like a never ending flow of great ideas and good concepts that just continued to bubble forth.  Unfortunately, before I knew it, he was meandering off topic and showing us all these extra new bells and whistles they had integrated into the User Interface….I began to find my mind wandering, and was still sort of reeling over the possibilities of understanding the complexities of the Platform.  I soon heard myself saying “yeah that’s really cool, what a great feature…Oh it sorts the list?  Neat!  Oh, single click to buyback the tags?  That is clever…can you tell us some more about the referral platform though?  Can you ell that part again about how it brings us referrals without sending out links?”

Such is life I suppose.  In the end, I am forced to remember that even though the Tagvillage platform is built around complete integration of the Facebook Platform, it is still going to be a while before we see this referral system come to light.  These amazing Developers will roll this out along with the rest of these innovations that is becoming known as Tagvillage.    We will soon see many little changes and begin to take lots of things for granted.  In fact, many things will develop that we as end users are not likely to notice.  One day in the near future, we will look back across our Tagvillage journey and wonder how we arrived at the place we will find ourselves, and never noticed the mountain that we ascended in the processes.  I am betting the view will be pretty spectacular from up there.

Russell Miller